Sunday, July 20, 2008


There were several plant emergencies to be dealt with today...some of my Echinacea were seriously wilting, major weed advances, yellowing and overcrowded seedlings, flopping Cosmos. Yikes! I could go on for pages...

So I clipped back the Echinacea (I hope it recovers; it was one of my first successful plant purchases), weeded about 2 bags worth of nasties, moved my Digitalis and Echinacea seedlings (that I had started from seed under grow lights this February), moved more light tolerant plants to the spot along my driveway that turned out to be full-sun, not partial shade, split the Dianthus, then planted a few Hosta that I had potted up last fall into bare spots that were weed hotspots (until I can afford something better). I also planted a new Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' along the driveway.

Along with all that busy work, I was mucho excited to find a baby Lavender ('Munstead') seedling that must have grown from seed from its parent. It was practically growing into the asphalt along the front bed. I moved it to a better locale (but don't have high hopes).

I'm definitely starting to have the mid-summer blues though. A lot of my early summer stuff is starting to fade, and I really don't have too much late summer plants to look forward to (I'm counting on the Boltonia to perk me up). Makes me think I should buy a few Asters or Lilies (I've been lusting over 'Black Beauty' bulbs from Old House Gardens, but have yet to plunk down the MC).

There are a few high points though; the Rose 'Yellow Carpetflower' is chugging away, and the Phlox, Platycodons, and Perovskia are all in full-bloom.


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