Wednesday, January 14, 2009

22, Feels Like 3

Apparently, it is unseasonably cold this week. I'm hibernating due to the frigidity, but I did lean onto my front porch to get this shot of my Scotch Broom (a pink one). I have my doubts about whether it will survive the winter in a container, but I bought this plant on a whim (curse you, Home Depot) and was never happy with it (just read all the nasty reviews on Dave's Garden, it will make you shudder). So I dug it up and put it in this container to see if I will like it any better. The jury is still out.

My sister gave me this houseplant over the weekend. Well actually, I stole the houseplant from her (thanks Maria and Don). It was a little sickly looking, so I did a little pruning, and voila, healthy as a horse (well, maybe except for those black tips).

Yesterday I went to Home Depot again, this time for some screws to hang this gift from my sister.

Then, acting on the same urge that struck me when I bought the Broom, I couldn't leave without the following:

Happy New Year!


  1. Sounds like you have to start controlling your urges. Maybe wearing a rubber band around your wrist and snapping it when you get to the nursery dept of Home Depot might help.

  2. I think my husband would agree that's a great idea!

  3. Choosing and starting seeds is very uplifting at this time of year. I looked at your seed setup downstairs, and it looks like you'll have lots of room for them.
    I try to make lists and research before I buy plants, but sometimes the impulse for green is strong when you're at a nursery or nursery department. You can always add it to your list, and come back later after checking it out, but this isn't always as satisfying as coming home with an eager plant pressing its leaves against the car window.

  4. I'm not sure what the reviews on Dave's Garden say, but I know those brooms are a major pest in California. Still, they are BEAUTIFUL. The pink ones are especially nice, and probably sterile as I think they are hybrids. The species is yellow. I can't imagine they'll be invasive in New England as our climates are so different. I hope it survives the winter so you can enjoy the bloom.