Friday, February 13, 2009

Mid Winter Desperation

A few days ago we had a bit of a thaw and about 2-3 feet of snow melted away from the yard. I found this Fescue (Festuca, Elijah's Blue) peeking out from underneath some melting snow. It's impressive how blue and healthy the grass was, despite being buried under snow and certainly getting pelted with ice melt, since it's at the end of our driveway.

Owen rediscovered his "Sanbox Table" that I built for him last year. He pretty much spent the entire summer, dumping the sand out of the box, onto the porch, but there were a couple toys he hadn't seen in a while so he was pretty happy.
In my desperation/longing for flowers, I was suckered into buying this mini-rose from the grocery store (which is generally frowned upon, because they're so difficult to keep healthy). It had a ton of orange-tipped yellow buds. I'm still not very good at the close-ups with my camera. It's a Canon Powershot and doesn't allow for much manual tinkering. It seems to have a hard time focusing on the foreground, instead of the background, especially when there's a lot of light. I may be lobbying the hubby for a better camera next Christmas.

I was trying to get a picture of my little seed starting operation that I just placed over the heating grate, but Shadow got curious and stepped right into the picture, which actually made the shot a lot more interesting. I put these New Guinea impatiens seeds in soil about two weeks ago, and there's been no sign of life (the packet says they should germinate in 3 days). I don't have a heat mat, so I figured it was just too cold in the basement for them to get going. I'm hoping they will sprout now that they're in a warmer location. Of course, they must survive the two dogs and a 4-year old.

P.S. If you're reading this blog because you get an email, you should really go to the Web site. Apparently, none of the links work in the emails.

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