Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Longest Two Weeks

One thing I used to be confused about was why none of my stuff was blooming in Spring, when my sister and Mom had lots of color in their respective gardens. I had the answer when I stumbled on a blog or an article about seaside gardening and found out that Spring comes one to two weeks later to the coast than it does inland. Happily, Fall also comes later as well.

So while my sis in Pepperrell has already been enjoying her Columbine and Bearded Iris, I've been on bloom watch. Today I was finally gifted with my first bloom of both!

Maria (above-mentioned sister) gave me these bearded Iris, graciously digging and splitting hers for me. What an amazing plant! It's almost four feet tall, with multiple blooms. The silver sword-like foliage is an added benefit.

I grew this Columbine from seed. I think I have a special affinity for the plant because of it. I found the Columbine was very easy to grow, so if you have the patience, they are worth it. I got these McKana's Giant Hybrids at Home Depot -- so they're fairly ubiquitous. I think next Winter, I'm going to experiment with some different colors.


One note: I loathe the color of my house (as displayed in the Columbine picture above). I call it "Road Color" or "Old Asphalt Gray." My husband threatens to paint it two or three times a year, but its not peeling enough to justify the expense/undertaking. Grrr!

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