Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Want This Man as a Neighbor

Despite doing a boat load of work in my yard, I'm posting today about someone else! The dude with the cukes lives in Lynn and has a garden so awesome that he gets a write-up in The Daily Item of Lynn (an awesome source for local gossip). The yards on my street are all pretty small and except for a few pots of tomatos, I don't see much vegetable gardening. Ed sounds like a pretty interesting guy, picking beans from his 3rd floor window, using water from rain barrels, and I especially like his way to keep weeds down.

Another article I stumbled across that's worth a mention, is the story of a man in Lynn whose chickens were confiscated/removed by the city. If you read the comments to the article, there seem to be two camps; chickens are awesome and chickens do not belong in back-yards. I for one would love chickens, but have serious space limitations. Not to mention the fact that my dogs might like to eat the chickens.

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  1. Swampgardener,
    I read your post about the guy in Lynn who raises chickens and then went to the article in the daily item. I thought the comments by the locals were the funniest I've read in a very long time. it seems a little topsy turvy to accuse a guy who wants to raise his own food of being "conservative". I kind of associate him with the smelly, long-haired hippies, tie-died tee-shirts, Jerry Garcia-types and very highly decorated buses of my yoot. (youth to you). Keep me posted on his progress. mm