Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fells, Round Two

Got back from vacation on Sunday night, and after some failed attempts at the laundry pile, trips to the vet (my dog will be toothless one day), and more failed attempts at housekeeping, I'm posting again! My satellite internet connection in New Hampshire was too slow for uploading, and The Fells really needs more than one posting.

There were many beautiful flowery tableaus, but unfortunately, going through the film today, I noticed many of my shots didn't render well. We made our visit almost exactly at noon, which is, I'm learning, just about the worst time to photograph flowers. All the light just bounces off the flower, straight into my camera.

Here's an example from the rose terrace:

The pink rose didn't turn out bad, but the white daisies just looked kind of blurry. Oh well, even if the flower pictures weren't great, there was a ton of other things to see.

The pond/sculpture in the old garden:

There was even a little frog in the water:

The Fells frequently showcases art, and we were lucky enough to visit during a sculpture show, Animal Attractions. We could have this elephant on an ironing board for a cool $11,000!

Though the sculptures were amazing, I really enjoyed the weathered urns found on top of the stone walls throughout the estate:

And the shady passageways:

The views of the meadow from the house were pretty good too:

I can't wait to go back in the Fall!


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